New blog about Team Foundation Server

I have been blogging for about 3 years at, and although it wasn’t very reliable the community seemed strong.

Well, now posts to Dotnetjunkies are far and few between, and I don’t have great confidence in its future.

Also, technically there are no great improvements to the site, and it is a little bit painful to post .NET code and links. Not impossible but harder than it should be.

To cap it all, I have now a new job role in Configuration Management and I wanted a new blog to reflect that.

I considered using my Live! Spaces blog site.. but I don’t find it very clean for a technical blog, and my family isn’t interested in this stuff anyway 😉

 I lot of developers are now using WordPress and say great things about it, so there it is.. I have a new home!

2 thoughts on “New blog about Team Foundation Server

  1. Your blog looks good, Andrew.

    My company has just made a collective decision to move towards TFS route. I hope to learn from your experiences through this blog..

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