Hiding certain Team Builds for certain users

The good thing about MSDN Forums is that you get questions you may not otherwise ever think about, and by so doing you increase your knowledge about the subject.

One poster wanted to know how to ‘hide’ particular team builds from particular users, but allow them to execute other builds in the same Team Project in Team Foundation Server.

My initial feeling was that this wasn’t possible, but a little experimenting proved me wrong:

If you have a Team Build called ‘SecureBuild’ you want to deny to the group [SERVER]\NormalDevs, do the following:

In ‘Source Control Explorer’, find your build project under .\TeamBuildTypes\SecureBuild\SecureBuild.proj

Right mouse click on MyBuild.proj and select ‘properties…’

In the resultant dialog, click on the ‘security’ tab.

In the listed groups, choose the [SERVER]\NormalDevs group who you do not want to be able to build.

Simply set their ‘Read’ permission to ‘Deny’

When they look in their ‘Team Builds’ in ‘Team Explorer’, ‘SecureBuild’ will no longer appear.

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