Run TFS Team Build with project from Team Edition for Database Professionals

I like Team Edition for Database Professionals… if you do ANY management of Sql Server databases then you should take a look and ask yourself if your life wouldn’t be easier to use it.

I then thought “Wouldn’t it be cool to build these database projects on TFS?”

Yeah.. it would, but it isn’t as simple as it should be.

First problem: You need to install ‘Team Edition for Database Professionals’ on your Build machine.. messy, but not a show stopper.

Second Problem: Permissions.

If you have a good TFS Build Server, then your user should be a Windows Standard User.. and not a super God like user that you need to run anything without pain on a Windows machine.

1) First, identify your build user, for example: Hal-Domain\Dave

2) In the Sql Server 2005 management tool, assign Hal-Domain\Dave as dbcreator and securityadmin

3) Run the following sql as DBO:



GRANT EXECUTE ON sp_detach_db TO public



A full overview of permissions can be found here

For search engines, the error was:

Microsoft.VisualStudio.TeamSystem.Data.Common.Exceptions.DesignDatabaseFailedException: You have insufficient permissions to create the database project.

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