Create Development Demos for Distribution

I think I was a bit optimistic. I thought my new Dual-Core 2GB super Dell laptop had enough power to drive a virtual machine full of databases and web services, as well as record the whole thing at the same time.

Well, I downloaded Camtasia Studio, because that is what DotNetRocks! TV uses… It is a great and easy to use tool.. it was just I hadn’t thought how best to optimize the process.

First cut: I started VMWare and started recording with Camtasia. Result: Didn’t work. VMWare was unresponsive trying this out.

Second cut: I connected to VMWare over Remote Desktop on the same machine… this worked much better. I cut off the Remote Desktop visual effects to help a bit.

Third cut: I installed Camtasia on my favorite MacBook, and connected to the VMware machine with Remote Desktop over my Wifi network, and recorded that way. The fastest yet!

In all, I created a 10 minute demo at 1280×800 in wmv format for no more than 12MB. This is the way to go!

Note: Yes, VMWare has a video facility, but it can not sync voice with it, and dubbing isn’t my thing. Anyhow, it seems fastest to do your processing on one machine and record on another in this way.

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