Close, but no iPod Touch for me

This weekend I actually got around to play with one in the Apple Store, and what can you say? The best music player yet designed.

However I will not make the upgrade yet for one reason, and one reason only.

My routine in the morning is short: Get up, get showered, get breakfast, out the door. If I take time to turn on my Macbook and download the podcasts from the night before and transfer them to the iPod, then it can add a significant 15 minutes to my routine.

I was expecting the Touch to be able to download my podcast subscriptions whilst I breakfasted, in order that I could listen to them as soon I left the house.

Then I could just listen to HanselMinutes (or other podcast) during my commute.

It can’t. The hardware/software is certainly capable, but the feature does not exist yet. The software is also locked down, so I can not add a RSS program for it. Maybe it will exist in future, but until it does I will stick with my broken Nano or buy a more open player like an iRiver. 

2 thoughts on “Close, but no iPod Touch for me

  1. Hey Andrew

    Unfortunately can’t comment on podcasts as I don’t particularly download them. Perhas you can recommend some sites.

    Anyways I’ve got the touch and I have to say it’s a revolution in iPod interfaces. The next wave of iPods will surely be based on Touch. For now I’m completely psyched about it.

    Give me a couple of more weeks and I may come back with a different review. That said I did realise that the Touch whilst connected to my incar iPod kit proved more difficult to scroll through due to the sensitivity of the touch pad as opposed to the clicker wheel.

    I bought the new nano as well and it’s pretty portable compared to the Touch. Might wanna give that a look. It plays video and has cover flow and is…wait for it…HALF the price!


  2. Good point… the screen of my Nano is broken, but I can still use it without looking thanks to the clickwheel.

    I’d be happy with a Nano with Wi-Fi, if such a thing would ever get released 🙂

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