Restore Team Foundation Server 2005

Backing up Team Foundation Server is easy.. just schedule a full database backup every night and keep the Reporting Services key safe.

Restoring Team Foundation Server is very hard. Well, I would want to restore because hypothetically my main server machine has died. Hence a move to another Hardware Configuration.

The short story is lots and lots of settings and command line executions.

At the end of this ordeal, I was asked to run this web service (http://servername:8080/WorkItemTracking/v1.0/clientservice.asmx) in my browser to test, and I got this error message:

TF10216: Team Foundation services are currently unavailable. Try again later. If the problem persists, contact your Team Foundation Server administrator.”

Luckily,  Grant Holliday had found and solved this problem before with an undocumented command:

Thanks Grant!

What would be great would be an automated method to backup and restore to a different machine every night. I know I can mirror the databases to achieve this, but I’d prefer no performance hit during the work day.


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