Day: October 7, 2007

Deleting the workspace of a departed user

A developer just left, and inadvertently left some files checked out. I took a deep breath, since I feared I would have to track each one down and remove the lock by hand.

However, this post showed me that you can just delete the user’s complete workspace with one simple command:

Note: This is only if you are really sure you want to delete that workspace!

Custom Channel for IBM WebSphere MQ for Windows Communication Foundation

Neat: Whilst browsing I found this project going on at IBM.

As a Microsoft orientated consultant, I found working with MQ messages in .NET a real pain. (Finding the right .NET drivers were quite a task.)

If I can (eventually) open a MQ channel as easially as MSMQ, then the ‘utopia’ of SOA will be a little closer for some of us.