Visual Studio DB Pro and the Build process

Maybe it is my background in SQL Server but I found Visual Studio for DB Professionals very nice to use.

When I had to incorporate it into my build process I didn’t find it very hard, except for having to install VSDB Pro on the build machine itself.

Well, there is a good article on the whole process here from the Microsoft’s Gert Drapers. If my project had been more deeply into databases than it was, I would have loved to get some differential builds and deployments out. 🙂

I get the impression that your average C# developer is not comfortable in the world of SQL, and probably doesn’t feel that a file called MyCode.sql has the same standing as a file called MyCode.cs. The article really goes into detail about how you can integrate your database scripts into your main development work.

I’m not yet an expert on LINQ, but from what I can tell it should remove some boundries between the worlds of databases and code.

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