Day: November 17, 2007

Must stop reading – False story about C# memory leak

I have no problem with a news site, even with an anti-Microsoft bias, reporting facts but this story was obviously written by someone who has no knowledge of modern programming languages:

“Princeton DARPA Grand Challenge team member Bryan Cattle reflects on how their code failed to forget obstacles it had passed. It was written in Microsoft’s C#, which isn’t supposed to let you have memory leaks”

Correct, C# isn’t supposed to let you have memory leaks. I read the source article and saw the problem:

“We called “delete” on those old obstacles! To our amazement, it was only minutes before we realized that our list of detected obstacles was never getting garbage collected. Though we thought we had cleared all references to old entries in the list, because the objects were still registered as subscribers to an event, they were never getting deleted.”

The article clearly states that the problem wasn’t a memory leak, but a coding error. C# was behaving as expected and not deleting memory objects that still had a reference. This is good.

Maybe the editor did not understand the technical issue well enough.. but frankly he shouldn’t post a headline if he is not capable of understanding the story.

I’ve made a conscious decision.. no more Slashdot for me! I’m going to find a better news source… You can say bad things about Microsoft because I do want to hear the¬†criticism, but don’t write about things you obviously don’t understand and libel a decent technology because you have some irrational religious aversion to it.