Laptop Resolution for Presentations

Great article today from Joel Spolsky. He has just completed some major cities on his tour to promote FogBugz, and had some nice presentation tips.

In there was one really important tip that seems to be a great problem in the technical community and close to my heart:

“Set the screen to 800 x 600. Make everything as big as possible. If you’re demoing an application that needs more than a half million pixels, go back home and redesign the app”

Today you can pick up a cheap laptop with an insane amount of resolution. At a recent Code Camp there were some great presenters showing off SQL Server 2005/2008 at a really high resolution… this was such a pity because I could not read ANYTHING.

Presenters maybe don’t bother watching presentations because they already know everything.. but if they did then they might realise that a lower resolution will actually get their message across much better.

I run my presentations at 1024 x 768 and with a good projector unit in a large meeting room this is fine.


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