Day: November 21, 2007

Do we need 64-bit Team Foundation Server yet?

I saw a forum complaint today regarding the lack of 64-bit support in the application tier of Team Foundation Server 2008.

To be honest, although it would be nice, I can understand why not:

  • Resources
    1. Microsoft can dedicate more resources to TFS if it is only targeting one platform (32-bit)
    2. Service packs can appear more quickly
    3. Cool features like the ‘Power Tools’ might take longer to appear if they have to be developed and quality tested for both architectures
  • Requirements
    1. The main advantage of 64 bit is the ability to use more than 4GB of RAM
    2. The application Tier (which uses IIS) would have to handle a significant amount of requests to need even that much RAM
    3. Other 64-bit performance advantages, although subject to much debate, are in reality not significant.
    4. The data Tier of TFS which uses SQL Server does support 64-bit, and that is where the most performance could be derived

 The next release of TFS (Codenamed Rosario) could well be 64-bit only. Personally I have no problem with 32-bit until then, however with IT departments rapidly standardizing on a 64  bit infrastructures then this opinion could change.

Update 04/28/2008: Checkout my follow up post here where I discuss why a seperate server for TFS is a must