Do NOT update your Mac’s Firmware

I knew and understood that Bootcamp was in beta under OS X ‘Tiger’, but I never expected a firmware update that requires you to reformat your disk!

Luckially I saw this in time… otherwise I would have trusted Apple next time I started my Mac and saw a ‘new update’ available.

Look Apple, I love your hardware/software, and I know it is beta software, but frankly you should have tested for this.

In future, I will not update my Apple firmware for at least a month after release. Under Windows I will keep updating as normal.


December 1st Update:

I asked in my local Apple retailer about this… the guy suggested this was done on purpose to disable beta copies of Boot Camp out there!

To be fair to Apple.. I don’t actually beleive this. But Apple should know that a lot of people do beleive it, and it won’t do their reputation many favors in the long run.


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