Day: January 18, 2008

Framework Design Guidleines – 2nd Edition

Software developers are hard people to work with. You can have running religious wars inside an organization over the position of the curly brackets, and often people mistake dangerous code as ‘efficient’ and ‘innovative’.

 There isn’t a lot of weapons to bear on the belligerent programmer, but there is the second edition of Framework Design Guidelines !

The first edition was such a great book. The knowledge and rules within apply to any kind of .NET development, not just your own framework. You have all the arguments in black and white from the smartest source. No questions.

It isn’t however an arrogant book; the authors go to length to justify their rules, or even disagree with each other over a point in question. This way you can be sure it is all deeply considered rather than arbitrary.

People often use agile philosophy as an excuse that quality code does not matter anymore. You can write bad ugly code because if you need to fix something it can be ‘refactored’ or just written again.

Agile has its place but every programmer should strive to write elegant readable code. It is a craft that should be mastered and not seen as an overhead on project time.

Elegant code pays for itself many times in the lifetime of the codebase.