Windows Install Experience

I love Windows Live Writer, but I really feel for the experience Rory Blyth has been having getting it installed.

After a long absence from the Apple world I got a MacBook and started to play with it. I was amazed at how in OS X you can still just download a utility and run it! No offers to install a stupid search tool bar or to register and receive ‘exciting new personalised content’. Just run and enjoy.

If you didn’t like the utility you just delete it. It doesn’t embed itself throughout your system and then fail to uninstall because you are running a different version of Windows than it was expecting. Just drag it to the wastebasket and forget about it.

Things can be this simple in the Windows world.. uTorrent is (by its very nature) an application that uses the network a lot. You download and ‘double click’. It runs. It checks online for an update, but doesn’t get in your way. You can just use it.

As a developer I’d like to ask why Microsoft Word can not be this simple? Why do I have to wait half an hour on a very powerful machine when it should be as simple as copying the run-time files over from the CD-ROM?

I appreciate the future is online, but can I just download an application and run it? I really do not need an interactive online experience to do this.

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