Should we abandon Windows/.NET?

Interesting article about why a .NET developer is moving to MAC OS X.

I far prefer using my Apple Macbook over any Windows machine. This has always been the case.. ever since my Apple LCIII the Macintosh operating environment has always been what computing ‘should’ be.

But that is just missing the point completely.. I write for the Windows platform because that is what business wants. Windows is backwards compatible in such an extreme way, that an application I wrote for Windows 95 will still run fine today under Vista.

Business doesn’t care if the API is messy.. what matters is whether it can run a custom application from 1997 that 500 workers are trained up on.

What I wouldn’t mind is if Microsoft did the following:

  1. Introduce a sane and secure security platform.
  2. Provide some sort of ‘sand boxing’ for legacy apps that do not run under a secure platform
  3. Provide an option to ‘turn off’ compatibility levels (In order that organisations can ‘baseline’ to newer platforms)

Developers are in the IT industry for different reasons, and frankly mine is to improve the lives of others through great solutions and not to create ‘perfect’ code on ‘perfect’ platforms that nobody is going to use.

I’d suggest the author’s energy would be far better used writing web based applications. He would then be free of the WIN32 API, whilst providing great user experiences under both Mac AND Windows.

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