Google Chrome great for your Google Applications

I don’t actually like downloading anything that isn’t Microsoft.. I’m a certified MS fanboy.

I hate iTunes and the many services it installed in the background. I hate Flash as a main reason my browser crashes. I hate anything that tries to install a Google/Yahoo/Whatever toolbar into my browser. I really hate any software that needs to be run in administrator mode.

This isn’t absolute however. I love uTorrent because it is an executable file that just runs without trying to install its presence deep into my computer. I like VMWare Workstation because it is actually a very good product.

I’m actually a big user of Google Reader, but have been finding that it wasn’t working great with Internet Explorer. Often my laptop would start allocation 200MB  to IE, and then shoot the IE process usage up to 99%. It could always be fixed by shutting down the Google Reader tab. I move around a lot and use Google Reader from at least 4 different machines, my mobile and public terminals, and I don’t think there is a better alternative. In addition I use Google Maps and GMail a bit as well.

So I actually installed Google Chrome and am really happy so far. I use it mostly for Google applications and they work better than with IE. I haven’t tried the integrated ‘Google Gears’ (I installed it once as beta and it crashed my IE all the time), but that will be compelling when I am off line next time.

So it is faster, and memory usage is way down when using Google applications.

Check it out:


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