Should I migrate from Sybase to SQL Server?

I’m giving a presentation this weekend at SQL CodeCamp about Sybase to SQL Server migrations. I’ve been looking into the background of Sybase in order to give reasons ‘why’ you should do it, and found that as with all technologies there are passionate supporters.

Sybase ASE is a good product from what I can tell. I never had to develop for it, but it does tick all the boxes from what I would expect from a relational database system.

Would I consider Sybase ASE for a new project today? Almost certainly not. I would choose a RDMS with a far larger market share such as Oracle, SQL Server or DB2. Sybase ASE does in fact now come in a 64-bit Windows version, but there are probably only a handful of instances around the globe whereas SQL Server now has countless.

Would I migrate from an existing Sybase instance? It really depends if there was a compelling reason.

  • Data Center standardizing on SQL Server
  • Need to run database in 64-bit under Windows ( with a proven market share )
  • Difficult to find resources who are experienced with Sybase (developers and DBA’s)

If the reason was compelling enough then you should run the Microsoft SSMA tool against your database to determine the amount of work required for a migration.

Sybase ASE Installation Action?
Low connection usage Put into a virtual machine
Simple CRUD Stored Procedures Migrate to SQL Server with SSMA
Complex business logic in Stored Procedures Feasibility study into database migration required. Potentially a lot of work needed.
Dynamic SQL queries from application Feasibility into application remediation required.

Potentially a lot of work needed.

I would say that in a majority of cases, you will require a great deal of work to port your database over to the SQL Server world. The SSMA tool is good but you will still be looking at a great deal of expense to make it happen.

2 thoughts on “Should I migrate from Sybase to SQL Server?

  1. Wonderful article about sybase to SQL server migration and tip. Can you tell me Is it possible migration from sybase to Oracle with easy tricks? If yes please give me some tip or idea. Thanks a lot in Advance.

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