Yet another iPhone post

Since the internet has so little discussion about the iPhone, I obviously have to write something ๐Ÿ˜‰

I have been a long time Windows Mobile developer.. all the way from PocketPC 2000 devices to Windows Mobile 6. (and I still think the origional Compaq iPaq is one of the most cool devices you can hold in your hand)

However, after 2 years of really good service, my HTC TyTN (Version 1) had been slowly dying with blank screens and broken keyboard. As a result I started looking at upgrade options.

Since my other favorite device was my iPod Nano, it made sence to give the iPhone 3G a look. Dan Obasanjo already has a post in which he compares his iPhone to his previous Windows Mobile.

Some additional thought of my own:



Consolidation: iPod and mobile phone in one: I only have to check for one device in my pocket at any one time

Size: Always in my pocket without me noticing

International keyboards: I can type in Korean or Japanese very easily. This was something I could never really enable on my Windows Mobile device without third party software

Exchange Integration: I think Dan is more of an Exchange ‘power user’ than I am. I have only had positive experience with emails and agreeing meeting schedules, although I would only schedule my own meetings from Outlook.

Wifi hotspot detection: Windows Mobile makes life really hard to try and pick up a new Wifi signal (at least on my devices). I can pull out my iPhone anywhere and use an available network very quickly.



Development: $199 for a developers kit? Microsoft really did a great job with the Compact Framework and SQL Server Compact.

Typing and link clicking: Maybe I have the wrong fingers, but I miss the precision I got with windows Mobile and a stylus. Small hyperlinks on a web page are also really annoying.

Speed: The iPhone is more than usable.. it just seems to lack a degree of responsiveness…

3rd Party Applications: Searching the iTunes store for useful and free apps is difficult. Also like music, apps are sold to each particular region so to download a useful public transport application to a different country you will need to set up anther iTunes account ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Pay Apple to make song into Ringtone: Dan pointed this out, and it really justifies a lot of negative opinion people have about Apple. Luckially you can get around this for free by exporting your music file by AAC and renaming the file suffix. (You can easily google for this hack)


Personal Conclusion:ย 

The iPhone 3G is a great purchase, and makes up for lack of flexibility by just employing a simple interface. I really hope Windows Mobile 7 can catch up with this, but it will be a stretch…

3 thoughts on “Yet another iPhone post

  1. Went through the same dilemma a few weeks ago. The sticking points for me was I wanted no plan, iPhones are currently only available on a plan. Multitasking, this was a big issue, iPhone is limited on what it can do, while Mobile 6.1 seems pretty good at this stage. Office Communicator client doesn’t work on iPhone, although there is a web client available. Storage can be expanded on Win Mobile phones, they’ve just announced a 64 Gig Micro SD Card,,25039254-5014239,00.html which is greater than anything available in the iPhone. In the end it was a toss up between the HTC Touch HD & Touch 3G, I went with the Touch 3G basically as it was 1/2 the price of the HD and so far so good, really happy with it.

  2. I actually like Apple’s policy of multitasking ๐Ÿ™‚ Yes, it reduces functionality of third party apps, but it gives a hell of a more stable platform than WM 6 ๐Ÿ™‚

    The HTC Touch is however a good choice.

    I will probably return to WM after the lifecycle of my iPhone.. the new Apple DRM on headphones is a bit too much for me to accept.

  3. I think the multitasking works great and I dont see any lack of response, certainly not compared to wm5/6 and CF. However, what bugs me about the iPhone is the lack of support for deploying a local app that can be used in a business environment.

    asking clients to deploy from istore is lame!

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