ESRI SharePoint 2010 WebParts Part 1

I’m currently working a lot with mapping software, and I thought I would try implementing my FlightTracks Bing Maps demo with ESRI and SharePoint.

This is also available for SharePoint 2007, but because this is in my own time I thought I would jump straight to SharePoint 2010.

First.. creating the SharePoint list. I was suprised it wasn’t easier to create this from my XML file that I used for FlightTracks. I looked at various methods and eventually concluded that I should just import the XML into Microsoft Excel, and then upload that as a new List.

(I could also implement a location web service, but that will take more time and therefore I’ll postpone that until later)

The SharePoint Designer 2010 gives you functionality to create a new list from an Excel file.. and I could not get it to work. Doing the same though the SharePoint website was no issue.

Then I just had to add some extra fields for ESRI (You have to implement all, even though I just used Longitude, Latitude, City and Country)

After that, the ESRI Map control will be able to add all Lists that follow the template. The items in the list will be added either by physical address values or by exact longitude and latitude values:

The final result is a Silverlight control that puts all the items on a map. I found it interesting that with 2000 objects, this wasn’t as demanding on the CPU as the Bing Maps Silverlight control.

Finally there is also a Geolist control that lets you go through your SharePoint list and bring up selected items on the main map.

The impressive thing with all this was that it all took less than ah hour to get up and running, with no development effort at all.

The next question for Part 2 will be how hard is this to extend with custom functionality?

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