Simple Hyper-V Test Domain for SharePoint

Did you ever have that feeling that something fundamental was missing from your relationship? I have been feeling this for some time, and the time has come to face the cold brutal truth.. a life of SharePoint development is just empty without Active Directory.

So I have taken the first brave step in admitting this.. now what?

Back in the days of Virtual Server, it WAS possible to set up a domain controller on a virtual machine. It was also rather painful.

But in these days of Hyper-V, I wondered.. just how hard can it be? You will still need all your infrastructure skills for the advanced features, but for basic “Lets create domain service accounts, users and groups” it is actually pretty easy.

These are the steps I took:

First Task: Set up the Domain Controller

Step 1: Create a ‘New virtual network’, and make it a Private virtual machine network

Step 2: Install Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard Edition on a new Virtual Machine.
(Handy tip: Install this machine with 2GB of RAM. After installation you can crank it back down to 512MB. If you install with 512MB then be prepared to wait a awhile)
Step 3: Set the network for this machine to your new private network.
Step 3: Configure the TCP/IP settings- Use the values below (Static values are the way to go)
Step 4: Change the name of the Computer to ‘DC’ (or actually, whatever you want.. it is YOUR domain controller after all)
Step 5: Add the ‘Active Directory Domain Services” role. (I have used, but I’m sure you can come up with better)

Second Task: Connect your SharePoint Machine to the domain

Step 1: Add a second network adapter to your SharePoint machine. Associate this with the Internal network that your DC is sitting on.

(Note: By having two network adapters, you can connect to the domain on the internal network and the internet on the other at the same time)

(Note 2: I seem to have installed a legacy adapter here. It seems to work fine however)

(Note 3: You probably want to configure SharePoint after you connect to the domain, since you may want to use those nice domain service accounts)

Step 2: Change the TCP/IP settings on the Internal Network to be consistent with those of the Domain Controller machine.

(Note: Use the same values as the screenshot)

Step 3: Connect your SharePoint machine to the domain.

Step 4: Create lots of test users named after characters in Battlestar Galactica

Step 5: Savor the thrill of adding Battlestar Galactica users into your SharePoint

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