Hyper-V RemoteFX GPU driver crash with IE9

I am running Windows Server 2008 R2 with Service Pack 1, and wanted to try out RemoteFX.

It looks really good, except the GPU driver kept crashing, and I kept having to reboot the machine to RDP back into it.

I noticed it only happened when IE was running, and I suspected that the new GPU features in IE 9 ‘might’ be the culprit.

So I turned off the setting in IE options and sure enough the driver is no longer crashing!



Update: 1st September 2011

I found another tip from Microsoft to prevent the RemoteFX display driver going into ‘Turn Off Display’ mode:


Basically two commands:

  • powercfg -X -monitor-timeout-ac 0
  • powercfg -X -monitor-timeout-dc 0









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