Build a SQL Server 2012 Business Intelligence Demo Machne

Now that SQL Server 2012 is official, here is how you can get up and running on one virtual machine.

This has allowed me to delete all my old RC0 virtual disks and feel confident that anything I run can be ‘Production Ready’.

This is running in 3GB of Hyper-V dynamic memory, but you should plan on 8 GB. It is currently using 32GB of dynamic disk space with the components below installed and configured.

Download the Bits:

Step 1) Download SQL Server 2012 BI and Enterprise (Evaluation version here)

Step 2) Download SharePoint 2010 (Evaluation version here)

Step 3) Download SharePoint 2010 Service Pack 1 ( link )

Step 4) Download Office 2010 (Evaluation version here)

Step 5) Download PowerPivot 64 Bit ( link )

Step 6) Download SQL Server 2012 Data Mining Add-in for Office 2010 ( link )

Step 7) Download AdventureWorks database files and BI project ( link )

Install the Bits:

Step 1) Prepare a clean Windows Server 2008 R2 machine

Step 2) Install SharePoint 2010 (Do not run configuration wizard)

Step 3) Install SharePoint 2010 Service Pack 1

Step 4) Install SQL Server 2012 BI Edition in PowerPivot mode (This will create SharePoint site)

Step 5) Install separate SQL Server 2012 Enterprise Edition with all features

Step 6) Install Office 2010

Step 7) Install PowerPivot

Step 8) Install Data Mining plugin

Step 9) Run System Update for any other patches.

Configure the Bits:

Step 1) Attach AdventureWorks database files to your SQL Server 2012 Enterprise instance

Step 2) Build AdventureWorks Cube with the AdventureWorks BI Solution in SQL Server Data Tools

And… that should get you started.

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