Nokia Lumia 920 Observations

There is a ton of interest in the new Lumia 920, however thought I would add a few thoughts of my own.

In the past years I have gone from:

  1. HTC TYTN 2 (Windows Mobile 6.5)
  2. Apple iPhone 3
  3. Samsung Galaxy SII (Android ICS)

So I decided to jump back into the Microsoft ecosystem. Generally speaking this is a fantastic device, and the relativity heavy weight is not an issue for me. If you don’t like weight then consider a Samsung Galaxy SIII instead.

Missing apps:

  • Pleco : This is a really useful Chinese character / dictionary application for Android . No plans to release for Windows Phone.
  • Google Maps: Nokia Maps is for the most part comparable, however I’m surprised that Hong Kong station exits are not marked. (i.e. I can see there is an exit near my destination, however there is no way of knowing which letter it is) I could still use Google Maps through the web browser if I wanted though.

Apps with strange behavior:

  • SkyDrive: Great SkyDrive browsing, but no way to save the files onto my phone?
  • Nokia Maps: The incomplete subway exit markings (as above)
  • Twitter: Official app always scrolls to the top of your timeline, not from where you left off. (MetTweets is better)
  • FaceBook: Works, although noticeably less responsive than Andriod version
  • Lync 2010: Cannot join meetings. I’m not sure if this is a problem with my phone or my company’s Lync Server.

Good apps:

  • XBox Podcasts: I don’t have an XBox, however the Podcast facility is far better than ‘Google Listen’ for Android or iTunes for iPhone.
  • Outlook: Just integrates perfectly.
  • Skype: Far better experience than with the Android version. Experience for the other (PC) caller is improved greatly, although displayed screen shape is a little strange.
  • MetTweets: Best Twitter client I have found so far

Interface Issues:

  • URL bar too close to the Windows buttons: When typing a URL I often hit the Windows key by mistake. 
  • Switch between Wifi / 3G mode: I like to turn off my phone data plan when at home. The Lumia doesn’t have an easy way to do this, whereas even the iPhone 3 from 2007 has a quick way to turn on and off. I’m currently using an App called ‘Power Tool’ that makes this slightly easier.

Interface Strengths:

  • Bluetooth: This is the first device where Bluetooth has worked seamlessly for me. Even the Galaxy SII required a degree of persuasion to get my Bluetooth headsets to work. The Lumia 920 just works.

3 thoughts on “Nokia Lumia 920 Observations

  1. Cheers for the insight. The choice for next mobile just became a little easier. Disappointed to hear about lack of MTR exit numbering. Apple Maps is the same. Google maps on mobile browser just not the same!

  2. Recent phones look interesting, with the Lumia 925 a good if incremental release. The Lumia 1020 with its massive 42 megapixel camera is worth a look if that is important to you.

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