Musings of a reluctant Apple fanboy

I was at the Melbourne World Tour event today, and it was great timing to announce the Salesforce app was the first to be available on the new Apple Watch. I’m not convinced that CFO’s will walk about with yearly financial target graphs on their wrists and much less recharge it every day, but it is a nice proof of concept about how pervasive devices have become in our lives.

More concerning to me was the new revision of the MacBook Pro Retina. Has my old MacBook become obsolete? Well luckily not really. Functionally it is all the same, including for the most part the retina display (the number one reason for my purchase). All other specs are nice, and the machine becoming less heavy nicer still, but I don’t think I would have used it very differently over the next 18 months.

The loss of the Thunderbolt port it probably my biggest takeaway. I certainly won’t waste money on buying Thunderbolt accessories, since they will likely be useless after my old MacBook is retired.

Probably the only function I can think of that would have obsoleted my MacBook would have been a touchscreen. I don’t need a touchscreen but I can see the utility that my Windows peers are getting out of it. I’d be surprised if the next MacBook in 2017 doesn’t have this!

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