Adobe Experience Manager 6.0 Install

I’m taking a look at the Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), and the install was a little tricky.

First of all I got a Java Server Page crash screen when I ran the first time on both my Windows and Mac laptops. Some Googling revealed that you needed the JDK 1.7, not the latest 1.8.  (I’m pretty sure at university over 10 years ago the idea was to have multiple run time versions?)

When it got running… well performance was underwhelming on a relatively new MacBoon Pro Retina with i5 cpu. Running on a Lenovo i7 workstation was more acceptable. I think if I am to get serious with this then Cloud hosting is almost certainly the way to go (just like with Sitecore).

Then after registering and starting it required login details not provided in the introduction email (Just ‘admin’ and ‘admin’).

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