Fixing Bluetooth keyboard and mouse issues on MacBook Yosemite

The one big thing I miss about Windows is that with about 5 minutes Google-fu you can find a technical solution to your problem.

The big problem with an Apple Mac is that if someone has a specific issue with their device, then there are hundreds of forum pages with helpful comments such as ‘yes! me too!’ or ‘Well I don’t have that problem, my machine is OK’.

So, simple problem. Suddenly by Bluetooth keyboard and Magic Mouse started being ‘sticky’. Frequently key strokes and mouse clicks were not being registered, and nothing in the settings seemed to help. Restarting also didn’t help.

The following will delete all your other Bluetooth devices from your Mac. For me it is trivial to pair them again afterwards, but it is your call.

The quick way to fix this and get on with work is to:

  1. Go to “\Macintosh HD\Library\Preferences”
  2. Delete  ( Make a copy on the desktop if you want to be really safe )
  3. Restart

That is it! The file will be recreated when you restart.


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