Month: August 2015

Recover lost Powerpoint files in Office for Mac 2016

I’m finding the new Microsoft Office for Mac 2016 rather buggy, and this evening PowerPoint crashed losing all my changes throughout the day!

Powerpoint has a ‘Restore’ command under its ‘File’ menu, which was… empty.

There are lots of answers on Google to restore under this scenario for PowerPoint 2011, but nothing for the new version

So after working backwards from a solution for Excel 2016, I discovered that you just have to look in:

/Users/”User Name”/Library/Containers/

(Obviously change “User Name” with that of the user you lost the file under)

You should hopefully see some files with the word ‘_autorecover’ appended at the end. Identify one with a timestamp close to where you want to recover.

Copy that file somewhere safe (such as the desktop) and give it a .pptx suffix at the end.

Finally you can try opening with PowerPoint but it may tell you that it is corrupted. If this happens try one of the following strategies:

  • Change the suffix to .ppt and try open again with PowerPoint 2016
  • Open with Apple KeyNote instead
  • Change the suffix to .rtf and try open again in PowerPoint (this was suggested in the comments, I haven’t tried myself)