Salesforce Spring ’21 – Developer Highlights

Salesforce Spring ’21 – Developer Highlights

Salesforce Spring ’21 is nearly upon us, and these are my highlights for Developers from them. Obviously there is a lot more in the notes, so always encourage you to read through fully yourself.


  1. Track Changes between your local Project and a Sandbox

This hasn’t really been a big issue for me since I can rely on Git for determining changes in my metadata, however there may be scenarios where you want to make a lot of configuration changes and this will help you identify and track them better.

2. Create Scratch Orgs with More Features

Great to have more feature control. I just checked and it seems Person Account feature  (that I was looking for) has actually already been available for a while now!

3. SOQL – Select predefined groups of Fields ( SELECT * ) 

I’m not really sure about this one. The lazy SQL developer uses SELECT * and will usually cause issues down the track. Being able to use this in SOQL with SELECT FIELDS(ALL) is convenient, but I’m concerned that developers will just use that by default rather than consider which fields they truly need. This may or may not have performance implications, however it could easily have security implications where some PII data hasn’t been secured. On the other hand, if you need to select all the fields anyway then this will make for cleaner code.

4. Lightning – DOM API changes

Do you have automated tests for your org? (Selenium, Tosca, etc) Salesforce has been changing the way the HTML code is named, so you will probably want to check for breakages in your test suites ASAP.

5. Lightning – Customize lightning-map control

You now have greater control over the behavior of the map control such as disabling panning, buttons, etc, and can define your own map marker icons as well. This isn’t a huge leap, but great to see that Salesforce is still improving this control. There will always going to have the issue that it won’t be allowed to compete with MapAnything, but I find it a valuable control for limited scenarios.

6. Lightning UI components to be deprecated

This was announced a year ago for Spring ‘20, but now the time is almost upon us! As of May 1st 2021 all UI namespace components will no longer be updated or supported.

7. Salesforce Functions (beta)

This has been a long time coming. Formally known as EverGreen (I think, it was hard to keep track) there has always been some rather mixed messaging from Salesforce around this. Still, an interesting new beta feature that could provide you with alternatives to Apex, although not clear if additional licensing is required.

8. Apex Job Transaction Finalizer (beta)

Strange beta in that you can use this in Production from Spring ’21. Use a finalizer at the end of your Apex to handle or rerun failed jobs. I’ll need to spend some time on a POC to understand this one fully.

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