Salesforce Summer ’21 – Highlights

Salesforce Summer ’21 – Highlights

I’m finding that the Summer ’21 is going to be an interesting release mostly for the items that are still in Beta – the forthcoming improvements to Security control and investments in Contact Center enablement. This release actually doesn’t feature too many developer specific items, however the overall Salesforce platform is improving a great deal.

Full Release Notes here. I’ve listed out my own highlights below:

Pilots & Betas

These are available through your AE:

PilotSecure Apex Code with User Mode Database Operations – Finally Apex can run database operations in user rather than system mode.

BetaPermission Set Groups now with expiration dates –  End date your users’ permissions

BetaControl Access to Sensitive Data with Restriction Rules – This is one that is worth everyone at least understanding. Salesforce’s current sharing and visibility model gives automatic access to detail records if the user has access to the master record. This change should allow more configurable access to these. Hopefully the ‘Sharing & Visibility Designer’ exam will update when this goes GA

Beta – Contact Centers – Omni Channel Routing – Use new Flows to route to the most appropriate / qualified agents

Beta – Contact Centers – Streamline After Conversation Work – Dedicated time allocated (and monitored) to ensure that your Agents complete ACW (After Conversion Work)


See Record Access Reasons in Lightning Experience – great to be able to use this from Lightning now –

Experience Cloud

Experience Cloud SharingGrant Unauthenticated Guest Users Access to Records Owned by High-Volume Users – more sharing capability, this time for high volume users sharing records to Guest users – great to be able to configure this rather than to create Apex sharing code

Experience Cloud Service Unavailable PageMaintain Business Continuity with the Customizable Service Not Available Page – Useful to have this page available in case your Experience Cloud site goes down – the previous experience was just confusing


Quick ActionsCreate Quick Actions with Lightning Web Components – This quickly became GA. Create Quick Actions with LWC components in Record Pages that either run a headless Action (update something in the background) or open a window inside your current record page.

Lightning DevelopmentImprove Page Performance with Custom Lightning Component Analysis – The Page Performance analysis became a bit useful, breaking down each component down into performance. This will be useful when you are asked to optimize existing pages and are looking for a place to start.

Audit Trail Monitor Lightning Component Changes in the Setup Audit Trail – Now view when an Org’s Lightning components were added, changed or deleted.


External ServicesApex Unit Testing With Flow And External Services – Now you can extend your unit tests to cover external service calls as well

FieldsInstall More Custom Fields – now the hard limit has increased to 900. You probably don’t want to take advantage of this, but it is there now. 

Einstein SearchEinstein Search (Generally Available) – I’m going to admit that I’m not completely clear what exactly has changed here based on the Summer ’21 Release Notes compared to previous versions, however it is obvious that you can now take full advantage of Einstein Search features no matter what edition of the (Lightning) platform you are using. Also specific inclusion of Knowledge in search results, with AI to help identify articles for your agents.

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