Salesforce Winter ’22 Highlights

Salesforce Winter ’22 Highlights

The Salesforce Winter ’22 release notes have been released.

As usual, I have scanned through and picked out items interesting to me. This release does feel particularly extensive, and the I could easily double the count of exciting features below:

New features

Improve Page Performance with More Custom Lightning Component AnalysisLINK

Being able to get additional web page analysis is helpful is you want to really optimize specific pages. You will get additional analysis of your CSS, Javascript and other aspects that could be optimized further.

Fast-Track Your Queries with SQL for Tableau CRM (Generally Available)LINK

This is interesting to those of us more familiar with SQL than SAQL. It isn’t 100% equivalent to ANSI SQL, but a useful addition regardless. It would be awesome to get this in Salesforce CRM as well! (I doubt that will happen)

Control Access to Sensitive Data with Restriction Rules (Generally Available)LINK

Secure your data and boost productivity by permitting your users to see only the records necessary for their job function. Create restriction rules to control which subset of records you allow specified groups of users to see. Restriction rules are available for custom objects, contracts, tasks, events, time sheets, and time sheet entries. This feature, now generally available, includes some changes since the last release. You can now create and manage restriction rules in Setup as well as with Tooling and Metadata APIs.

Control the Default Records Your Users See with Scoping Rules (Beta) – LINK

Reduce noise and unnecessary searches while enhancing your users’ productivity. Based on criteria that you select, you can set rules to help your users see only records that are relevant to them. By adding a scoping rule, you can help users focus on pertinent records and prevent them from accessing records containing sensitive or inessential information. Scoping rules don’t restrict the record access that your users already have. Your users can still open and report on all records that they have access to per your org’s sharing settings

Secure Your Components Better, Stronger, Faster with Lightning Web Security (Beta)LINK

Extra security for your LWC components, and a replacement for Lightning Locker

Expose Events in the Lightning App Builder LINK

Now Lightning Web Components can expose events for wiring together with other components in the Lightning App Builder.

View Dependencies for Lightning Web Components LINK

A dependency tree to see what APEX classes and other components your LWC controls rely on.

Unleash the Power of Elastic Compute with Salesforce Functions (Generally Available)LINK

Been waiting for this for a while, finally GA! Not sure if we can try this directly in Developer orgs in Winter ’22, or if it still needs to be enabled by an Account Executive.

Time input on lightning-input-fieldLINK

Minor feature – now specify time in 15 minute increments

Flow BuilderLINK

There are usually a lot of new Flow features every major release, but this release is wild – just take a look. This will require a dedicated article by itself.

New Tableau CRM wire adapters – lightning/analyticsWaveApi (Beta)LINK

Lots of new wire adapters to integrate Tableau CRM directly into your LWC components

Stuff to prepare for in the future:

As always, Salesforce have announced platform changes that you will need to start preparing for

Get Ready for the Future Requirement to Enable Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Salesforce will contractually require MFA on all user logins from 1st February 2022. The release notes are not helpful however in describing what the impact of not complying with MFA by that date is. This can be problematic for high volume Experience sites – LINK

Legacy API Versions 21.0 Through 30.0 Are Being Retired

After the deprecation in Winter ‘22 of API’s 21 and below, Salesforce is now giving notice that Summer ‘22 will deprecate all API’s 30 and below. Summer ’23 release will deactivate these API’s for good – LINK

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